There's nothing better for the hot summer than a slice of cool melon. Knowing this, and since I'm a big fan of cheesecakes, I decided to try and mix both things. I ended up with a refreshing, sweet cheesecake! Perfect for breakfast or dessert.

Step 1: Ingredients


-150 gr (5 oz) of plain/butter cookies.
-150gr (5 oz) of butter.
-200ml (7 fl oz)  of cream.
-1 yoghurt.
-Flavorless Jell-o (Enough to make a pint).
-250gr (1/2 lb) of cream cheese (Philadelphia).
-Sugar (2 spoons for the cake and 1/2 cup for the marmalade).
-A ripe melon.
How unique! I'm not very good with my melons, what type of melon is pictured?

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