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Introduction: Melon Chevril Rice

The melon chervil rice is a main course rice dish that can be prepared in matter of minutes. Though the ingredients are simple and very easy to prepare at home, the flavor of melon in this will attracts everyone.

With very minimal efforts and less culinary items one can make this item by themselves, as I always believes a recipe should always be in a way that everyone can try it at their homes easily.

Step 1: Preparation

Ingredients: Basmati Rice, melon, Chevril, cashew, raisins, oil or butter.

Step 2:

Place a pressure cooker on the stove, add 2 tbs of butter or oil and heat it for a minute. Now add few raisins and cashews in the container, as shown in the figure and fry it till turns reddish brown.

Step 3:

Add one cup of soaked rice, 1 ½ cups of melon juice and ½ cup f water in the containter with a pinch of salt in it.

Step 4:

Add a handful of finely chopped chevril at last and close the lid.

Step 5:

After one whistle turn off the stove.Open the lid after 10 mins and now you are ready with the delicious melon chevril rice which can served as a main course dish.

If you want to improvise this dish, you could add carrot, green peas and beans while adding the rice.

But be caution that adding other ingredients can suppress the flavour of melon and chevril.



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