Introduction: Melt Aluminum in a Charcoal Foundry

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1. Set up the foundry
2. Light the charcoal and add aluminum
3. Heat the crucible until the aluminum melts
4. Pour the aluminum into the mold
This setup produces a solid hunk of aluminum, leftover aluminum slag,and charcoal ash.
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diogo007 (author)2015-08-17

The blogspot link is no longer working

nerd7473 (author)2012-08-27

Like I said in the private message nice instructable

karlh1 (author)nerd74732012-11-18

thanks; the clay saucer was just a spur of the moment after I realized that the heat needed to increase in order for the melt to pour before it solidified. And I used the sea shell as a mold because I'm too cheap to buy green sand.

ironsmiter (author)2012-07-10


I was REALLY curious to see a clamshell crucible.
Then, I read the linked version, and it made a bit more sense.

nerd7473 (author)ironsmiter2012-08-27

yes it does make more sense

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