The solar wax melter is basically a simple solar oven. It consists of an outer box, insulation, inner heat chamber, wax screen, wax container, and a clear top.  The raw comb is placed on a screen, and as the sun heats the oven, the wax slowly drips through the screen into the container below.  You are left with a nice chunk of screened wax.
By creating a solar wax melter, you can save all that wonderful beeswax, energy and time by just dropping in your chunks of comb, and letting the sun do the hard work!

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Step 1: Preparation

- Measure your pan.  This will determine the dimensions of the entire box.  We use a cheap, aluminum roasting pan, 17” by 12” by 3” deep. Try to keep this container 3” deep or less, and metal is preferable.
- You want your inner box to be 1” larger on all sides than your pan.  In this case, the inner box will by 19” by 14”.  Because we will be using 1X8 lumber as the outer box, and we will have 1” of insulation below the inner box, the inner box height will be 7”.
- Your outer box will be 3” larger on both sides than the pan (1” for inner box + 2” insulation).  Our outer box size is 23” by 18” by 8”, inside dimensions.  You can adjust your dimensions according to materials on hand.
I do not have access to combs, but I want to try this with candle remains. I collect them and melt them using a gas stove, but this would be way more efficient. Thanks for sharing!

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