This instructable shows what you can make with plastic beads, also known as HAMA beads.
I am in college doing art and design, and i was doing a project based on male and female, and i was using different media and coming up with different ideas.. however using this method i found to be my favourite and i really liked the final piece.
I hope you guys enjoy doing this process and come up with some great stuff, which also i would love to see.

SO... the first image is my final piece.

Step 1: Step 1 - Gather Materials

First of all you will need the following items..

Plastic Beads (I buy my large tubs from IKEA)- http://tinyurl.com/6yu97kh

Heat Gun

I used a mannequin torso, but you can use any item as long as it can withstand heat without too much damage

Metal tray or baking tray works well

Metal/Wooden utensils

<p>Neat! Good idea, well worked out.</p>
I hope you got a good grade because the piece is AWESOME ! Not a bad &quot;ible&quot; for your first either altough some of your pics probably should have been run thru a program. A clean background isn't really needed for here but if your going to share your work on other sites a dropcloth of some type will work wonders in making the colors and shape stand out. <br> <br> Check out Wetcanvas.com , its an online forum for artists of all mediums and skill levels, Im sure this piece would be well recieved in both mixed media and sculpture
thanks for your comment! i won't know until a few weeks if i did well.<br><br>however, thanks for the info on Wetcanvas i will check that out in the coming days.<br><br>Thanks<br><br>Paul
Wow. That is neat-o!
That is amazing, and brilliantly simple. Thanks for the idea!

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