Picture of Melted Plastic Beads - Coloured Torso
This instructable shows what you can make with plastic beads, also known as HAMA beads.
I am in college doing art and design, and i was doing a project based on male and female, and i was using different media and coming up with different ideas.. however using this method i found to be my favourite and i really liked the final piece.
I hope you guys enjoy doing this process and come up with some great stuff, which also i would love to see.

SO... the first image is my final piece.

Step 1: Step 1 - Gather Materials

Picture of Step 1 - Gather Materials
First of all you will need the following items..

Plastic Beads (I buy my large tubs from IKEA)- http://tinyurl.com/6yu97kh

Heat Gun

I used a mannequin torso, but you can use any item as long as it can withstand heat without too much damage

Metal tray or baking tray works well

Metal/Wooden utensils

l8nite4 years ago
I hope you got a good grade because the piece is AWESOME ! Not a bad "ible" for your first either altough some of your pics probably should have been run thru a program. A clean background isn't really needed for here but if your going to share your work on other sites a dropcloth of some type will work wonders in making the colors and shape stand out.

Check out Wetcanvas.com , its an online forum for artists of all mediums and skill levels, Im sure this piece would be well recieved in both mixed media and sculpture
neonaddict (author)  l8nite4 years ago
thanks for your comment! i won't know until a few weeks if i did well.

however, thanks for the info on Wetcanvas i will check that out in the coming days.


splazem4 years ago
Wow. That is neat-o!
punx7774 years ago
That is amazing, and brilliantly simple. Thanks for the idea!