Picture of Melting Snowman cookie
These melting snowmen are cute, taste great and are super easy to make!

Traditionally, these cookies are made with royal icing, where the cookie is outlined, then flooded and decorated with colored royal icing. . The royal icing method is a lot of work and can even be a challenge for an experienced decorator. My method is so easy that the most novice cookie decorator can easily pull this off! 

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Step 1: Stuff you need

Picture of Stuff you need

You will need;

cookies - any kind is roundish cookie will do - sugar cookies are best
white fondant
orange fondant
sprinkles (I use large ones - Wilton rainbow chip crunch)
a little water
rolling pin
non-stick surface (I use silpat)
round cookie cutter

Step 2: Roll the fondant

Picture of Roll the fondant
Grease your working surface and rolling pin with a little shortening

Roll out some white fondant about 1/4 inch thick

Step 3: Cut out the fondant

Picture of Cut out the fondant
Cut out a circle with a large, round cookie cutter.

Step 4: Shape the fondant

Picture of Shape the fondant
Gently pull your fondant at the edges so it looks uneven and will fit your cookies

Step 5: Put the fondant on the cookies

Picture of Put the fondant on the cookies
Rub a little water over the fondant (so it will stick to the cookie) and place on top of the cookie

Gently pull the fondant so it fits over the cookie and droops a little over the sides

Step 6: Stick the head on

Picture of Stick the head on
Dab a little water on the bottom of the marshmallow and place it on one end of the cookie for the snowman's head

Step 7: Make the carrot nose

Picture of Make the carrot nose
Roll the orange fondant between your fingers to form a carrot shape

Dab a little water on the carrot and stick it on the middle of the marshmallow (you will have to hold it there for at least 30 seconds to ensure it sticks)

Step 8: Put on the eyes and buttons

Picture of Put on the eyes and buttons
Take two black sprinkles (for eyes) and push them on either side of the nose - you can do it unevenly so he looks like he's melting 

Take 3 colored sprinkle (for buttons)  and push them into the fondant as shown

Step 9: Add the arms

Picture of Add the arms
Break 2 pretzels into 3 pieces (each with one longer and 2 shorter pieces)

Stick the pretzels into the fondant as shown.