Introduction: Melty Nacho-Style Sauce

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There's nothing as quintessentially American as paying eleven thousand dollars for a serving of ballpark nachos, is there? In this instructable, I'll show you how to capture that gooey, melty, delicious saucy experience without trading a kidney, selling your first born, or watching the Brewers get walloped (yet again). This recipe is easy, delicious, and nearly infinitely customizable.

Step 1: What You'll Need

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1 Bowl

1 Measuring Cup

1 Cheese Grater

1 Knife

1 Saucepan


8 ounces of your cheese of choice (for this version I used Pepper Jack)

1/2 cup water

1 tablespoon of sodium citrate

Mix-ins (optional, to taste)

Step 2: Let's Get Cheesy

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First, take your block of cheese, and cut off an 8 ounce portion (for a one pound block, simply cut it in half), and shred it. Awesome guitar heavy rock music, while recommended for the proper shedding experience, is totally optional.

Step 3: Boil Water

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Like I said earlier, dead simple. Water into saucepan, apply heat, mix in sodium citrate.

Step 4: Add Cheese

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Add the shredded cheese, and once it's mixed in, it becomes very velvety, very fast. This is where you'd add in your extras. Jalapeno peppers are always a good option. Hotter peppers are good depending on your audience. Personally, I like to add crumbled up bacon, but the sky's the limit.


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