Picture of MemAxe - 8Bit sound effects memory game
This is Instructable contains all the information and source code you need to build a fully functional MemAxe.

What is MemAxe?
MemAxe is an electronic game that tests your memory by making you copy a sequence of sounds using switches. The sounds emulate those of old 8-bit game consoles.

If you want to buy a kit with all the parts needed for this project including pre-programmed Picaxe, check this link out -> http://www.gadgetgangster.com/135

What does MemAxe do?
In the first round it plays one of 4 different sounds at random. Each sound represents a different switch on the device. After the sound is played you get a turn to copy the original sound by pressing a switch. If you get the sound right, MemAxe will play two sounds in the next round and so on. The limit is about 80 rounds.

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Step 1: What will I need to make a MemAxe?

Picture of What will I need to make a MemAxe?

Parts list

A) 1 x Resistor 330R (R1)
A) 1 x Resistor 1K (R2)
A) 1 x Resistor 3.3K (R3)
A) 3 x Resistor 10K (R4, R6, R7)
A) 1 x Resistor 100K (R5)

B) 1 x Capacitor 10uF (C1)

C) 1 x Picaxe 08M (IC1)
D) 1x 8Pin IC Socket (SC1)
E) 1 x Battery Holder 3AA (B1)
F) 1 x Micro Speaker 8Ohm (SP1)
G) 1 x LED (Green) 3mm (LED1)
H) 1 x Project PCB Half board (PCB1)
I) 4 x Tactile Switch Push button (S1 - S4)
J) 1 x Hookup Wire Solid core ~1ft

Step 2: IC Socket

Picture of IC Socket
Step 2- IC Socket
Place the 8pin IC Socket on the top side of the PCB, with pin 1 on G16 of the PCB and pin 8 on J16 of the PCB. Solder into place.

Step 3: Add wire links

Picture of Add wire links
Step 3 - Wire links:
Solder the wire links to the top side of the board at coordinates:
A20 to Q20
B4 to B5
B14 to B15
D18 to F18
E16 to F16
E21 to M21
I11 to J11
K11 to K18
L16 to Q16
P4 to P6
P9 to P11

Step 4: Add the Resistors

Picture of Add the Resistors
Step 4 - Resistors:
Place the resistors on the top of the PCB at the following coordinates:

R1; D19 to E19 330R
R2; I6 to O6 1K
R3; C5 to I5 3.3K
R4; I9 to O9 10K
R5; C15 to I15 100K
R6; A17 to F17 10K
R7; L18 to Q18 10K
lemonie6 years ago
It's Simon!
Good job.