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What is MemAxe?
MemAxe is an electronic game that tests your memory by making you copy a sequence of sounds using switches. The sounds emulate those of old 8-bit game consoles.

If you want to buy a kit with all the parts needed for this project including pre-programmed Picaxe, check this link out -> http://www.gadgetgangster.com/135

What does MemAxe do?
In the first round it plays one of 4 different sounds at random. Each sound represents a different switch on the device. After the sound is played you get a turn to copy the original sound by pressing a switch. If you get the sound right, MemAxe will play two sounds in the next round and so on. The limit is about 80 rounds.

Step 1: What Will I Need to Make a MemAxe?

Parts list

A) 1 x Resistor 330R (R1)
A) 1 x Resistor 1K (R2)
A) 1 x Resistor 3.3K (R3)
A) 3 x Resistor 10K (R4, R6, R7)
A) 1 x Resistor 100K (R5)

B) 1 x Capacitor 10uF (C1)

C) 1 x Picaxe 08M (IC1)
D) 1x 8Pin IC Socket (SC1)
E) 1 x Battery Holder 3AA (B1)
F) 1 x Micro Speaker 8Ohm (SP1)
G) 1 x LED (Green) 3mm (LED1)
H) 1 x Project PCB Half board (PCB1)
I) 4 x Tactile Switch Push button (S1 - S4)
J) 1 x Hookup Wire Solid core ~1ft
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