Step 12: How to Play

Picture of How to Play
How to play
When you turn the battery pack on, the LED will flash while the device waits for you to press a switch. Once any switch is pressed one of the 4 different sounds are played at random. The LED then comes on to indicate that you need to press one of the switches. If you press the wrong switch, or don't press a switch, you will hear a sssshhhhh noise which means you have failed. The device then resets and waits for you to hit a key and start again. If you hit the correct switch, a clean tone is played to say you have passed. You now go on to the next round where two sounds are played. In each new round one of the four sounds is added to the end of the existing sequence. You enter your guess each time the LED comes on; after each guess the LED will briefly turn off then on again, now you enter your next guess, and this continues until the round ends. The pass tone will be played after each correct round of guesses to let you know a new round is starting.

The sound effects are bomb drop, laser fire, ship lift off, and little tune.

You are now ready to play a game. Don't loose heart if you don't get it straight away, it's actually hard to get the hang of making a button represent a sound. When you do, it becomes a really fun and challenging game. Remember you have the circuit and the code for this project so hack away. Good luck.
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