Memory Box




Introduction: Memory Box

Step 1: Ideas

I was trying to find a perfect present for my mother 50th birthday then came across a memory box with 50 memories in it

Step 2: Prep

I got all the things I needed together. Found some old photos and recent ones, envelopes, cards, tape, glue, decorative things for the box

Step 3: Putting It All Together

I stuck 1 photo in each card/envelope (50 cards/envelopes) then wrote something about each photo next to it. As my mother really loves tea I also put a tea bag in each envelope so when she opens each card she can have a cup of tea while remembering the great things she has done in her life so far. After that I decorated the box with mini photo frames and scrabble pieces. I used double sided tape to stick these onto the box

Step 4: Wrapping

I then wrapped it all up with tissue paper.
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