Step 3: Create Basic Guidelines for the Memory Writers and Mail Necessary Items

The slips of paper can all be filled out by you, or you can divide up the memories between multiple people. If you choose to divvy up the work, the best thing to do is create some basic guidelines for the writers of the memory slips to follow, that can be easily inserted into an envelope with the slips of paper. For example, I included the following in my guidelines:

1. How the memory box works.
2. It is their job to make the memories that will fill the box.
3. They need to fill out the slips of paper with memories (or jokes, photos, drawings, etc) that will make the receiver smile.
4. How they can get the memory slips back to me.

You may want to remember the following:
-Should the memory writer include their name on their slips of paper?
-How should they return the slips to you?
-Do they need to fill out a certain number of slips?
-Is anything off limits?
-Is there a deadline for the slips?

Once your done with the guidelines, either mail or hand deliver these slips and guidelines to each of the memory writers.
What a wonderful, thoughtful idea! This present was worth so much more than a bought one - thanks for sharing :)
Aww thank you very much! :) No problem.
Cool! I like it
Thank you sir.

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