Step 4: Receive Your Memories and Begin to Create the Memory Box

Once you start receiving memories, you will be get able to get started with setting up the box.

1. Group together all the memories you received and create a general plan of how the memories will be grouped or how they will fit into the box.
2. Fold up the memory slips if you chose to.
3. Begin adding them to your box.

For my specific Memory Box, I asked all of my family  members (all 33 of them!) to write 11 memories each to put into the box (I made 12), which came to a total of 365 memories. This allows my grandfather to open one memory slip every day for the next year. Some family members submitted photos, which I aligned the outside of the box with.
What a wonderful, thoughtful idea! This present was worth so much more than a bought one - thanks for sharing :)
Aww thank you very much! :) No problem.
Cool! I like it
Thank you sir.

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