Memory Card Shield for Arduino UNO


Introduction: Memory Card Shield for Arduino UNO

This type of shield is originally cost up to 4000 BDT (in Bangladesh), which is around 39 USD (without shipping) . But by this way you can make your own microSD card shield only at 120 BDT ($1.6 USD). Don't surprise, because it don't support Ethernet connection. You can use this only as DATA-LOGGER support for ARDUINO. Lets do it..

Step 1: Parts That You Need...

1. 1 X useless memory card reader or SD card socket.
2. 1 X SD Card (or microSD card with Adopter).
3. 3 X 4.7kohms Register.
4. 3 X 10kohms Register.
5. Some male connectors rails.

Step 2: Preparing Your Circuit...

Step 3: Finally



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12 Discussions

how to program the arduino to read media like songs and play it on speaker ?!
please need help

Didn't work for me. I went out and bought one that also has a LAN connection. Great project tho thanks.

2 replies

I read that in the comments below, and tried that but still didn't work. Thanks for the reply.

Arduino says Card "initialisation failed" it actually did succeed once but then when I tried again it failed for many more times, what would have gone wrong here, I checked everything is wired correctly.

3 replies

Great advice thanks.

Is it possible to read the data from the SD card to display on an LCD screen?

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