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This is a quite basic version of the "Simon says" game, or memory game - where you simply watch the LEDs blink and click the buttons in the correct order to complete the level and head to the next one.

Step 1: The Code

The whole code with som few comments to help

Step 2: Components

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6x LEDs
6x Push-buttons
6x 220 ohm resistors
Arduino One
1x Speaker

Step 3: Flowchart

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Step 4: Features

The game starts with a melody which means that the game is about to start.
Short after, the LEDs start to blink in a random order, starting with 4 different LEDs.
If you click the buttons in the correct order, a happy sound will be played and you will advance to the next level.
Each level gets harder with more LEDs flashing. At the hardest and final level, the LEDs will blink 10 times (in a random order).
If you fail, a negative buzz will be played and it's game over. If you would like to try it again, simply press the reset button on the arduino board to start over.


rihama3 made it! (author)2015-05-20

This is so awesome and it works perfectly. I did it in ten minutes! Well done

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