Memory Jar Charm Bracelet





Introduction: Memory Jar Charm Bracelet

About: I am a third-year Architecture major at the University of Texas at Austin. I enjoy creating and experimenting.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need: Pliers Small glass jars used for jewelry- you can buy these at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or if you live in Mexico some of the Fantasias Miguels I go to have them. Medium chain Lobster clasp Jump rings Things to put in the jars

Step 2: Make the Chain

Since you add gradually to your charm bracelet, you want to make the chain look nice on its own. I used a simple chain and a lobster clasp.

Step 3: Make Some Memories

The point of the bracelet is to make a memory jar charm bracelet, so in each of your jars you should have something representative of your important memories. You can use anything you want; sand, feathers, water... You name it. Just make sure that you use a little glue to keep the jar sealed.

Step 4: Add the Jars

Using a jump ring, attach the jars to the chain. Leave some space between each bottle so you have space to add to it later on. Keep adding jars to your bracelet until you think it's full. Be careful with your bracelet. The bottles are glass, so you need to be gentle with it, otherwise they'll break very quickly.



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    how much does it cost to get all the supplies???

    Omg this is so cool!

    I have a bunch if these lil bottles I love making stuff like this :)

    Thanks malibini!!

    OMG this is SO COOL!!!!!!!! I never thought of using BOTTLES!!! I go to Puerto Rico every summer, and I always get some sand or sea glass. I will DEFINITELLY DO THIS!!! you have my vote!!! :P