Introduction: Memory Trainer in Python

This program starts of by creating a list of words. It then shuffles the list and asks you how many words you would like to get tested on and how many seconds you would like per word

Then it checks your results and you get a score :)

If anyone out there wants to collaborate I will let you edit and upload new code!

Program starts here:

import random, time, sys, os

wordList = ['book','cook','table','car','pen','stand', 'carpet','computer','soap', 'ball','van','tub', 'bat','bed','book','boy','bun','can','cake','cap','cat', 'cow','cub','cup','dad','day','dog','doll','dust','fan','feet', 'girl','gun','hall','hat','hen','jar','kite','man','map','men', 'mom','pan','pet','pie','pig','pot','rat','son','sun','toe', 'marshmallow','steak','butterfly', 'fire','chocolate','banana', 'bunny','bubbles','rock','panda','kitten','meerkat', 'crazy', 'dinosaur', 'coffee']


points = 0

print("how many words do you want to test yourself on")

testLength = int(input()) # how many words do tou want to test?

print("how many seconds per word")

timePerWord = int(input()) # how much time do you want per word

print("These are the words that you have to memorise:")

def spaceOut():

for i in range(0,14):


for i in range(0,testLength):





print("now its your turn to guess all the words in the correct sequence")

for i in range(0,testLength):

yourGuess = input()

if yourGuess ==wordList[i]:

points = points + 1



print("Nope, the answer is " + wordList[i])

print("your scored " + str(points) + " out of " + str(testLength))



letsgobaby made it! (author)2016-08-04

I checked out your code and tried to run it but it always gave me an error. I am by no means an expert but I tweaked the code just a bit to make it more aesthetically pleasing for me. I just started learning python 2 weeks ago out of curiosity and passion. I don't want to come off as someone who is cocky or showboating so please do not be offended by what I have done. I changed line 36's code because that was what gave the error this whole time. Everything else i did was just for fun.

yourGuess = input() to yourGuess = raw_input().

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