Picture of Men In Black Gun
In this Instructable I will be sharing how I built a Men In Black gun for Halloween.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
What I decided to do this Halloween is to go green. I wanted to make my gun out of recycled stuff, so I saved up containers and different things made out of cardboard to make my gun.

What I used to make my gun:

- Cardboard tube that Lowes was going to throw away.
- Pudding Cups (not in picture)
- Pringles can
- Yard stick that I got for free (not in picture)
- Toilet paper roll
- Old cardboard box (not in picture)
- 1ft. of old board (not in picture)

Step 2: Making the handle

Picture of Making the handle
For making the handle I found an old 1x3 board in my dad's shed. It was just a little too long so I cut it to 1ft long. On one of the ends I roughly drew a 15 degree angle and cut it off there.

After I brought the board inside I placed my fingers on it in the way I would hold it. Then I drew around each of my fingers.  Then I took a 3/4 in. drill bit and drilled out each hole making sure there was at least 1/4 in. around each hole so it wouldn't break.

After that I took a coping saw and cut around the outside of each hole to make it look cooler.
Finally I sanded around all of the edges to make it more rounded.

Step 3: Putting on decorations that make it look cool.

Picture of Putting on decorations that make it look cool.
What I did for some of the decorations is I took five pudding cups and I hot glued them in a straight line on top of the gun.

Step 4: Attaching the handle to the barrel (part 1)

Picture of Attaching the handle to the barrel (part 1)

To attach the handle to the barrel I cut about a 2in. x 3/4in. rectangle into the end of my barrel. To cut this I used my dad's rotary tool and a cut-off wheel. Then I just slid the handle in there and hot glued it in.
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