About a year ago, we drunk beer in The-MenZ Lab.
When Zagan said "I want PCDJ controller, So next project is make controller!".
The project began at this time.

***MenZ-DECK featured by Maker Faire UK Blog.***

(Continue with broken English)

Components for make controller:
Arduino Uno --- 1qty
MUX Shield --- 1qty
ATX power supply --- 1qty
Wire --- 3m(10ft)
Potentiometer --- 14pty
Slide Pot --- 3pty
Button(As you like, tactile or not) --- 14qty
LED(Any color) -- 9qty
CD-ROM drive --- 3pty
Optical mouse --- 2pty
Hard Disk Drive --- 2qty
74HC595 --- 2qty
2SC1815(BC547) --- 1qty

Step 1: Create the Jog(scratch) Wheel

1.Cut out mousepad using a circle cutter. Diameter is about 5mm smaller than the HDD platter.
2.Next, cut out inside circle. Diameter is about 10mm bigger than the HDD sylinder.
3.Paste mousepad on platter.
<p>Hello,could you give your email to ask you more information about your project?</p>
<p>Hello!</p><p>I'm a member of The-MenZ.<br>We're glad to you're got interested our project!</p><p>I send email address to you via Direct Message.</p>

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