A simple way to repair a cashmere sweater. Here's how I did it...

Step 1: Get the Sweater That Needs Repair

Ah, cooler weather... time to change up the wardrobe. Well, I discovered something when unpacking my sweaters: HOLES! One of my favorites is a "cheapie" I bought a couple years ago at the Atlantic City NJ Old Navy Outlet. It is 100% cashmere, and I bought it on sale for under $10. It was so nice..... soft, warm, cozy.

What to do???? I set it aside, and found more sweaters that had small holes. So... inspiration time! I went onto my Sweater Surgery board on Pinterest and my Sweet Home Alabama Chanin board on Pinterest. Brain blast!!!!! Reverse applique coming up!!!
Nice, sometimes I apply little felt figures to the outside of clothing with holes in them, but I never thought of applying fabric behind it, I would like to try it some time!
Good luck. I hope it turns out nicely.
Yes, the scissors, thread and fusible web were new. I had a fire in my house in 05/13, and I've been slowly replacing supplies. I took those photos in case anyone else wanted to know which brands I had used, in case they were &quot;in the market&quot;. <br>Thanks for asking.
Just a quickie, why are all of your materials still in packaging? Did you buy them new?

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