Picture of Mend your fishing reel handle with lego RXT!
I like fishing, A LOT. But since the handle was broken, I can only use my old reel which was rubbish. But then i had a plan...why not use my old bits of lego rxt, some glue, and other rubbish to make myself a new handle!
And there it is...FISHING HANDLE V2!
lilchumy11 months ago
Nice, please check out my guide on bass fishing. I need votes for the hunter gatherer contest. Thanks so much! That would really help me out!
cool your idea. I also like a lot of fishing and legos
NXTHacker (author)  benderbrasil3 years ago
I just went fishing with it....it works gr8:)
I caught 20 small fish with it!
oh yeah!
yes this is a repair that I would break if my reel