Step 4: Step 4

Fold the upper right hand corner of the paper down so that the edge that forms the long side of the triangle is lined up with the horizontal edge from the fold in step 3..
Just curious, what makes it "Mennonite"?
The frugal Mennonites and Amish use this method to save purchasing envelopes. I live in "Pennsylvania Dutch" country and have seen this in use.
I'm not really sure. The book I originally learned this fold from called it a Mennonite letter fold and said that it had been developed by the Amish, but I have no idea how accurate that information is. And the only other time I've seen this fold used, it was also called Mennonite so I figured I'd better stick with that.
HI. I am Elsje (from Holland) from the Envelope and LetterFolds Association. I do research for folded letters and envelopes. I have found this lettersheet in Denmark 1991. Mightbe your book is older ??? Can you tell me in what book you saw this lettersheet published ? Title and year , author and isbn.....maybe a copy ??? Thanks in forward for an answer. xxxe

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