Men's Lacrosse is currently one of the fastest growing sports in America. It was origionally played by Native Americans, and it was dubbed "La' Crosse" when European explorers saw thier sticks (which resembled the cross.) Today it is very popular on the East Coast of the US.

Lacrosse culture is unlike that of any other sport. There is just something about it that makes it so fun and unique. Many laxers like to wear bright colored clothes, with strange designs on them. Hair is kept long (you gotta keep the flow going.) And in lacrosse, all other laxers are your bros. It offers a real connection, and just wearing the ridiculous shorts (http://www.flowsocietylacrosse.com/gear) and socks starts many conversations with other players. It is kind of hard to describe, but all in all, lacrosse is about wearing whatever you want to, and doing whatever you. In what other sport do you see a guy in pink argyle shorts rocking out on a keytar and throwing out waffles? (http://www.conbrochill.com/)

Step 1: Large Equipment

-one of the most important pieces of equipment
-protect your hands from checks
-vary in price from approx. $30-$200+
-should be flexible and well fitting, but protective

Shoulder Pads:
-protect your upper body from checks
-will protect you from a stray pass or shot
-vary in price from approx. $30-$170
-should not restrict your range of motion

Arm Pads:
-will protect your arms from legal checks
-vary in price from approx. $15-$120
-should not prevent you from bending your arm
-should be somewhat confortable
-usually diffferentiate between right and left

-the most important piece of protective equipment
-vary in price from approx. $80-$250
-should not be too loose or too tight
-a good firm fit is best

-just like any other shoes
-pick whichever ones feel best
<p>lacrosse is getting popular in washington butnotlike the east coast</p>
There's also Field Lacrosse and Box Lacrosse; and its gaining popularity in many other countries around the world and this year the 2012 World Lacrosse Championships are in Finland (Canada plays the U.S. Today). So its not just popular in eastern U.S. :-) We've had teams playing here for over 100 years.... <br> <br>Good start though. :-)
Thanks for posting this! I played in high school in Louisiana. My senior year we won the state championship, as well as the next year. <br> <br>The university I go to just started their team 3 years ago, member of the mcla. But I played D in hs and am now too small to play d in college because the attack men are bigger than me.
Sure man. And I wouldnt let your size stop you. The smallest person on my team plays defense.
Sweet I play defense too! Its really catching on here in Florida.
Same here in colorado. The jamboree is the 5th largest youth tournament in the world
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