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Introduction: Men's Neck Tie Rose Brooch

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I wanted to keep the memory of my grandfather with something tangible so I used his neck ties to create beautiful rose like brooches which I wear with love! Rose pins can also be a thoughtful gift for the girls in your family or your best friends! If you don't wear brooches you can glue your rose to an alice band or sew it onto a hair clip or a rubber band. Hope you like it! :)

Step 1: Supplies:

neck tie, brooch back, scissors, needle, thread.

Step 2:

Turn the thinner end of your neck tie inside and start sewing! This will be the central part of your rose so make sure it looks nice and no stitch is showing!

Step 3:

Start twisting the tie and sewing it in the back as you go!

Step 4:

Fold and sew the wide end of the neck tie so that it covers the back of your rose.

Step 5:

Finally, sew the brooch back onto your rose! You are done!



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    This is a nice, thoughtful project. Very well done :)

    Thank you dear seamster! I'm so glad you like it! :)