Mentos PowerBank





Introduction: Mentos PowerBank

this is my first time doing an instructable so go easy on me

Step 1: Stuff You Need

18650 3.7v 2200mah (from old laptop battery)
1A lithium charging module ($1.39
0.9v - 5v step up boost module ($1.99
slide switch ( from a broken toy)
Mentos chewing gum container

Step 2: Wiring

solder wires into module and battery + to + and - to - dont put it on backwards unless you want your modules to get toasted

Step 3: Stuffing Everything Inside

this is the hardest part for me since the container is too small. but you can figure it out.

Step 4: Done!

dont expect this to full charge your phone. when charging the powerbank red led means charging and green for full



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instead of a 2200mah battery can I use 9v battery

Very nice and simple. I'm building one!

Hey, what about battery discharge protection ????

can I connect 4 18650s in parallel to extend the mAh of the bank? or if not 4 den at least 2?

yes in theory, but in practise you need to isolate the cells from each other

Please explain what you mean by "isolate the cells from each other". I would like to use the same parallel design suggested above. Thx!

Basically, you would use a diode on each battery to prevent it from back-charging the other batteries.
Make sure you install them in the correct orientation because it only allows the charge to flow in 1 direction