this is my first time doing an instructable so go easy on me

Step 1: Stuff You Need

18650 3.7v 2200mah (from old laptop battery)
1A lithium charging module ($1.39 dx.com)
0.9v - 5v step up boost module ($1.99 dx.com)
slide switch ( from a broken toy)
Mentos chewing gum container

Step 2: Wiring

solder wires into module and battery + to + and - to - dont put it on backwards unless you want your modules to get toasted

Step 3: Stuffing Everything Inside

this is the hardest part for me since the container is too small. but you can figure it out.

Step 4: Done!

dont expect this to full charge your phone. when charging the powerbank red led means charging and green for full
is this mentos power bank rechargeable
<p>Nice instructable ;) I made one with old Nokia phone battery :)</p>
could you tell me the circuit digram for that
which mobile phones battery
I've used BL-4U with 1000 mAh, but I think, that you can use every old mobile phone battery with 3.7 V except Ni-Mh of course :)
instead of a 2200mah battery can I use 9v battery
Very nice and simple. I'm building one!
<p>Hey, what about battery discharge protection ????</p>
can I connect 4 18650s in parallel to extend the mAh of the bank? or if not 4 den at least 2?<br>
yes in theory, but in practise you need to isolate the cells from each other
<p>Please explain what you mean by &quot;isolate the cells from each other&quot;. I would like to use the same parallel design suggested above. Thx!</p>
Basically, you would use a diode on each battery to prevent it from back-charging the other batteries. <br>Make sure you install them in the correct orientation because it only allows the charge to flow in 1 direction
thanks alot
<p>just in case: cheap ebay batteries are not protected</p>
<p>Hey, do you know what gauge wire you used?</p>
im not sure. i just scavenge those wires from a broken fan.
<p>if you want longer batt life you can get wafer type RC 1 cell lithium's from hobby king for a very cheap price, great build by the way.... Lastly everything in life is dangerous however, this isn't going to be risky the current coming out of the battery is very low. If you were to allow the battery to get to low of a charge and it was an unprotected battery then you could have an issue. but that battery is protected so there isn't any worries there. </p>
<p>How much time does is take to fully charge a cell phone from Dead.</p>
Isn't this really dangerous because of the heat and the lithium ?
I was planning the same ible in an altoids tin. good job.
That's really cool
Where do you get the module?
i bought it from dx.com you can also find those on ebay
<p>Can you please expand the instructions of wiring...It is not clear which module to connect with battery</p>
<p>Thank you a lot!</p>
<p>Cool project!</p>

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