Introduction: Mentos and Diet Coke Rocket

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Launch a 2 liter over your house, No promises!
Also please use ccaution when performing this experiment there is always a possibility of injury or damage to property, please launch in wide open area with pleanty of space in all directions and never attempt to launch in the direction of another person as flying 2 liters can hurt!

Step 1: Purchasing!

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Go to you local gas station or grocery store and purchase as many materials desired, for one launch you need only:
1- 2 Liter Bottle of Diet or Diet Caffeine Free Coke(Pepsi does not work as well)
2- Mentos(Mint not fruit flavored)

Step 2: Preparation

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Chew 1 mentos for approximately 10 seconds
Remove Cap from 2 liter
Press mentos into the center of the cap of the 2 liter
Press whole mentos into cap on top of chewed mentos so that it sticks
Replace Cap

Step 3: Shake and Launch!

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Shake bottle so that mentos and Diet Coke mix
Hold Bottle by top with one hand place around the neck so that the bottle is upside down
Swing Bottle over head and slam on ground sideways

Step 4: Liftoff

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If slamming process went correctly, the cap of the 2 Liter will hit the ground and break off, diet coke will then be forced out of the neck creating thrust forcing the bottle off the ground in an upward motion. This thrust is greater than the weight (Weight=Mass*acceleration due to gravity) of the bottle(Yes weight is a force) so it propels the bottle in an upward fashion at a great rate of speed reaching a terminal velocity that gives it the capability to reach heights of 40+ feet!

Step 5: Video Proof

Don't think it works well here's some proof!


lifei (author)2016-05-11

will this project be appropriate for a chemistry project?

georion (author)2011-11-23

anybody get hurt---seems dangerous the way You do it

LoveOutLoud (author)2008-01-14

Is this a chemical reaction or a physical ?


actually its a physical reaction only because nothing new is being created

PKTraceur (author)sciencegeek122008-10-07

if this is "just" a physical reaction, how come the bottle is propelled up?!?!

princemyheart (author)PKTraceur2008-10-07

The bottle is propelled up.... mate.... that IS a physical reaction! Can't believe that there is NO chemical reaction happening somewhere in the bottle though. Cheers Royce

arf200 (author)princemyheart2010-03-19

It is all physical the mentos it creating an area for the carbonation buble to form fast enough that it builds presure enough to lunch the bottle

mattccc (author)2009-09-23


armageddon (author)2006-11-08

actually i think your method would not work. the chemicals play a small part in the reaction. the most important part is the outside of the mentos. there are tiny little craters on the outside of the mentos where the bubbles can form and rise up when they are heavy enough. its is important to put them in whole cause i dont think it would be possible at all to launch it over a building chewed up.

Mjeden2006 (author)armageddon2006-11-08

Yes it does work as I mentioned before I've done it, with comparable results! Only one, not both of the mentos is chewed up, this provides enough of the chemicals for the reaction and pleanty of places for the CO2 to form bubbles. Good information though, you must watch MythBusters.

Gamer917 (author)Mjeden20062009-08-09

so do i and i watched Adam do something like this on the show. It was also funny when he put a bottle of coke on the lathe and it exploded

k, thats not the only thing, caffine, i think Potassium Benzoate, Phosphoric Acid, and also Aspartame. they all contribute a bit to the reaction, and also the ingredients in the mentos. using non caffinated isnt practicle because it will lower your 'power'. i wonder if making a checker board desing on a mento work work well, seeing that that would create more surface area.

Mattrox (author)2009-02-13

weight is not a force. Gravity is the force that acts on weight

34will (author)Mattrox2009-06-06

No, weight is a force. Gravity is a field that causes weight.

Buck Futter (author)34will2009-07-27

Neither is a force, according to Einstein "Gravity is a warpage of space and time". Weight is just the increased or decreased 'apparent mass' of an object. (Weight = Mass * Gravity). On Earth, gravity = 1, so mass and weight are equal. =D

eshad (author)2009-06-21

somebody!!! can u help me?? i just want 2 know what is the used of this reaction in our life?? plizz help me...

matoro_toa (author)eshad2009-07-22

great fun and a big mess

chibiwind (author)2009-01-13

The bottle will never reach terminal velocity because it isn't falling like 10kms of a cliff

bylerfamily (author)2008-12-20

This didn't work!!!!!!I used a water bottle.

Owenmon (author)2008-10-29

do it in a baseball field and as soon as you throw it run into the dugout

Yerboogieman (author)2008-10-15

try to drink it while its spraying like weezer did.

Cameronk (author)2008-01-16

good but sometimes putting the whole thing in makes it fizz a lot more =P what i do is:
Pull the paper off of wrapper.

Open up one side of the foil.

Quickly put the mentos in and screw on cap.


Then throw as needed.

Cameronk (author)Cameronk2008-01-16

oh yeah and forgot ... don't taste the mentos or the diet coke after the launching... tastes horrible lol... diet coke is flat because it fizzed up.. and the mentos taste like diet coke...

taegin (author)Cameronk2008-10-15

not to mention, the mentos turn ROCK HARD...i blasted them and some landed on me so i ate one...owww

bleedingsoul (author)2008-09-07

if the bottle could it would sing Cause i'm tnt i'm dynamite i'm tnt and i'll win without a fight watch me explode

popbottle (author)2008-08-23

dude u can get more thrust if u take 6 mentos together with tape then tape that to the cap believe me u get ALOT more thrust like double even triple the height u wrote good luck -popbottle

zach12 (author)2008-07-02

will sugarfree mentos work?

Bartboy (author)zach122008-08-05


hacker22 (author)2008-05-07

Ok first of all, terminal velocity is the maximum speed an object can FALL, and is the average between the force of wind and the pull of gravity. How can and object with propellent going upwards, reach terminal velocity? And also a bottle can go much higher, you must have had horrible luck.

memzie (author)2008-02-15

it work nd it flew

Jack Daniels (author)2006-09-25

done this one befor but it is cheeper to just use same bottle water and dry ice

oakers2 (author)Jack Daniels2006-11-05

Were can you get the dry ice?

Mjeden2006 (author)oakers22006-11-05

Any local grocery store will have it but you need to be at least 18 to buy it!

armageddon (author)Mjeden20062006-11-08

grocery store? now ive heard everything. i thought you had to buy it at a special place?

Cameronk (author)armageddon2008-01-16

safeway sells it these days..

Jack Daniels (author)Cameronk2008-01-16

walmart sells it as well

TreizeEnder (author)armageddon2006-12-19

I buy dry ice for a little over a dollar a pound at SafeWay (local grocery store here). I use it for a tornado machine; great for showing the air convections as carbon dioxide is a white vapor. Just ask the clerk to get it next time you go. They keep it locked for good reason.

Mjeden2006 (author)Jack Daniels2006-10-02

But the effect varies with dry ice and a 2 liter only costs a buck and the mentos even less

killa monk4 (author)2007-12-23

there are tons of movies of this on u-tube take a look

joshc0311 (author)2007-09-19

i like this but except when i do it i shove the whole package or 2 in and screw the cap on real quick and then shake. it works really well

sciencefreak99 (author)2007-07-10

mint not flavoured because the flavoured ones are 'laminated' if you know what i mean, theyre glossy, and the surface area is greatly reduced so it has no reaction

Yerboogieman (author)2007-07-07

it went FAST in the video

toogood (author)2007-05-02

my brain hurts!!

Mjeden2006 (author)2006-11-08

okay this comment is just dumb!

BobertXXL (author)2006-11-07

You can make a PRETTY POWERFULL gun out of this.

BobertXXL (author)2006-11-07

You can make a PRETTY POWERFULL gun out of this.

opolopolis! (author)2006-11-05

Who in the hell would put the word kum in the name of their gas station?

Monkeybo1 (author)2006-10-03

Actually, what you do is: 1) Take paper wrapper off mentos (leave foil on). 2) Drop whole mentos package (without paper wrapper) into 2L of diet coke. 3) Screw cap on and shake. 4) Unscrew cap slowly until you hear "hissing" sound. 5) Throw onto the ground sideways with two hands. Really the cap is not breaking, but it is unscrewing and letting the pressure out. I've never tried your consept but it might work.

Mjeden2006 (author)Monkeybo12006-10-03

with this method you need to actually break the cap off this way it releases all the pressure at once instead of little by little!

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