Over the years we've come to know that when you drop a Mentos into a bottle of Diet Cola you get an eruption, geyser, explosion. How ever you want to put it. The result of those two elements mixed together is amazing.
Its a pretty good experiment but it happens all too fast. As soon as you dump the mentos inside the bottle of diet cola the effects begin to happen, sometimes it doesn't give you enough time to get away to avoid getting soda on your clothes. 
What if I told you there's another way besides Ice to stall the effect from happening? Well its possible and you won't have to wait for the mentos to freeze either.

Step 1: You Will Need:

The following items are needed for this experiment, The price tag is pretty good as you can get all these items for a total of $ 2.50 at your local dollar store.

* Mentos- 1 
* Diet Cola-1
* Pack of Mints Strips - about 6
How Long Does It Take For The Coke To eat Away The mints Strips

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