Mentos and Diet Coke Time Bomb Prank!


Introduction: Mentos and Diet Coke Time Bomb Prank!

Now that you know how to stall the diet coke and mentos effect, you can use it to pull off a funny prank at school or work!



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    If you're serving Diet Coke in glasses, you can put water in an ice cube tray, place mentos in each of the slots, and freeze. You'll get a ticking time bomb!

    Note: I suggest leaving the mentos out of a few of them, just so that you won't get soaked.

    OR the perfectly good time AT the perfectly good place

    I'm using this one soon! LOL!! Can't wait. :)

    LOL does this start to "erupt" at the time the cap is taken off or on its own timing?

    lol, incase theres a hot chick in a whie shirt. time to have some FUN.