Picture of Mentos and Soda Bomb
This is a bomb made out of a glad tupperware container, soda, mentos, and paper towels. This is not very expensive and building one only takes a couple of minutes...
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Step 1: What You Need

You need:

1. Glad circular 1/2 cup interlocking lid plastic tupperware container.

2. Can of Coke

3. Mentos

4. Paper Towels

Step 2: Fill the Tupperware Container

Picture of Fill the Tupperware Container
Fill the tupperware container almost all the way full with coke (look at picture).

Step 3: Cover the Tupperware Container

Picture of Cover the Tupperware Container
Cover the tupperware container with a paper towel. leave some room at the edge of the container so that a couple mentos could easily slip through. (see picture)

Pull the paper towel taught so that it doesn't get wet with coke.

Step 4: Place the Mentos

Picture of Place the Mentos
To make sure the paper towel is taught, place rocks at all the corners that are on the ground. Then place three mentos on the top of the paper towel...It now doesn't matter if the paper towel gets wet, it only matter if the mentos don't get wet. (see picture)

Step 5: Now place the top on the bomb!

Picture of Now place the top on the bomb!
Place the cover on the tupperware container. Make sure when you put the cover on that the paper towel is still taught. (see picture)

Step 6: Activating the Bomb

To activate the bomb just tip the container so that all three mentos fall into the soda through the little hole between the edge of the paper towel and the edge of the container.

Step 7: The Explosion

Picture of The Explosion
Quickly (in the next 3 seconds) place the bomb and get out of the way.
It doesn't make a big explosion but sure makes a mess!

Have fun sabotaging you brothers, sisters, and friends!!!

You can also do the same exact thing in a bigger container with more soda and mentos!!!
DaNerd116 years ago
why dont u take an entire bottle of coke, an entire thing of mentos, drop them in, close the cap and then see what happens
not enough time to close the cap, i tried
You wrong, they did it on mythbusters, then they through it and it exploded on impact
Not with whole thing of mentose
Any form of carbonated drink works for this - soda, lemonade, cola etc. Mentos work because they have millions of tiny pits that form condensation nucleii. These make the gas come out of the drink very quickly, and as the reaction happens at the bottom, the fizz has nowhere to go but up and out. Because of this, any rough surfaced candy works - polos are ok, as are some sherbet based sweets. Anything with a glazed or waxed coating will not work.
bylerfamily6 years ago
I tried this and it did not work!!!!!!!!!!!!Can anyone tell me why?I used a half bottle of diet coke and 2 mentos.It didn't even fizz.
were they the orignal mentos or were they the tropical fruity ones?
They were mint.
hmm. wierd. if they were in your mouth, they wouldnt work. it also wouldnt work if the soda was flat. either of those the case?
No.However I found the problem.The mentos were smooth.Try dropping smooth mentos into diet coke.What happens?
well, thats what i was saying kinda, i was just giving circumstances. i wonder why they were smooth...
I've noticed that since the Mentos/Coke Light effect became known the Mentos here in Sweden have all been made smooth.
Sucks I know, now we're smuggling them in from eastern europe and the UK.
TomEd6 years ago
Half a 2 liter bottle? You will need much more try doing a 2 liter diet coke with a full pack of mentos.
buster276 years ago
Derin buster276 years ago
If you did this in a 2 liter soda bottle or even a small water battle it would be much more powerful. You would just have to put the mentos in and screw on the lid fast and then throw it. Similar concept as the dry ice bomb. Still very neat instructible.
Bartboy6 years ago
place on top of door, open door and it falls over, it will tip, BOOM
liketoblowthingsup48 (author)  Bartboy6 years ago
great idea!
I'd try this but damn Australian Mentos doesn't make the big geyser.
it would be dangerous if u used a glass bottle that was melted shut IM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING U DO WITH THAT IDEA
tjmortenson7 years ago
you can use salt instead of mentos but it doesen't work quite as good.
does salt and coke really have the same effect even though less powerful?
yes it does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice good instructable.