Mentos and Diet Coke Prank





Introduction: Mentos and Diet Coke Prank

This is hilarious prank!
All credit goes to giannyl

You need:

Needle and Thread
2 litre diet coke
a mento

First thread the needle
This is hard for most people for some reason

Step 1: Through the Mento

Just thread the needle through the mento ( or mentos) and tie a GOOD knot

Now cut the thread on one side short and the other 1 foot.

Step 2: Rig It!

Now lower the mento into the bottle just a little bit and put the string out of the bottle, now close the lid. if it worked the mento should be dangling there. now cut the string and wait....

done yet?


You're grounded!!!!!!!!



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I have a question, i want to pull this prank on my uncle, but he doesn't like diet coke, only regular, do i have to use diet coke?

diet coke taste the same so yea

nope! i've even used normal 7 up! it dose not work quite as well without the aspartame, but it still works!

Asparatame gives you a better chance of getting cancer :(

no its coke and mentos how will you get cancer

Urban legend. No clinical evidence to back this up.

It's been tested. It is true

you are Right,,, a railroad carful will cause cancer in rats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ooooooooooOOoooooo. So that is why diet soda can give you cancer