Remember what happens when you drop a Mentos into a 2 liter Diet Coke bottle ? If not, take a look here or here. A device that helps deliver the payload easier - and safer - by the pull of a remote string is available here. But of course, this is an easy remake...

Step 1: Gather the Stuff You Need

I'm talking about making a Mentos geyser tube, NOT about doing the Mentos + Diet Coke experiment. The geyser tube will allow you to do you experiments remotely, which means cleaner, and safer. So here is what you need in order to make your own Mentos geyser tube:


  • PVC 1/2" coupling tube (x1) ~ $0.15 @ local home improvement store
  • PVC 1/2" end cap (x1) ~ $0.30 @ local home improvement store
  • Two litter Coca Cola cap (x1) ~ free
  • Paper Clip (x1) ~ free
  • Small cord ~ free


  • Dremel (+ drilling bits + cutter)
  • Pencil
  • Loctite Super Glue
  • Duct Tape
Can you use sprite?
I love it, how about some pictures of it in use?
Here are some pics just a few years later. ;-) <br> <br>Not the same but similar.
how about a clip of it in action
Not the same but similar.
do you have too use diet
No. It does not have to be diet but diet is not as sticky to clean up. I left the soda on the brick and it never got sticky.
This is a great idea!
Thanks for this one! <br> <br>It seems to me that the magnet approach requires remembering to fish out the interior magnet from the bottom of the Diet Coke bottle, right? And given a strong enough magnet on the outside, I suspect &quot;machining&quot; the PVC tube won't be strictly necessary. <br> <br>I am planning to give this a try with a strong magnet on the outside and a 1/2&quot; ball bearing on the inside.
dude if u like this stuff and funny vids go 2 you tube and type in pork and beans by weezer its hilarious
i built one from 1 inch pvc but it didnt work
Very Cool! Great Instructable!

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