Step 2: Open

Open up the Meowsic Keyboard and make sure not to lose any of the (many many) screws.
My son &amp; I completed this Mod this weekend. Amazing project, thank you so much for sharing your instructions! <br>http://youtu.be/K3MXyQQN1Jo
<p>Yet another grown man buying one for himself here. A very useful mod that I plan to do as well. I wish there was a simple way to add midi in and out. That would be pretty crazy, huh?</p>
I bought one these toys just to do this. Thanks for the excellent instructable.
Ooh, I literally just got my cousin one of those for christmas! Except instead of a cat it's a zombie that screams bloody hell every time you play the notes.<br><br>Any chance I might see a video demonstration of this build? Would love one.
wantz one of those so bad, fur real
AGH! i have that keyboard! mine's green and purple, though. got it for 25 cents at a salvation army. i've been meaning to do something to it/with it.... an output being one of the things, so thanks for the walkthrough.<br><br><br>p.s.- is your mic all shorted out and crackly, too?
Nope. mic is working as it should.
alright. it was probably just used and abused by the youngster that had it before me.
Bahaha! This is hilarious. My son got this keyboard for Christmas and now I really want to hear it with distortion! Of course I'm pretty sure my wife loves it more than he does, so she might have a problem with that. You should post a video so we can all hear the wonderful racket it makes.
Best keyboard every!
The Instructable is cool but <br>Best. Intro. Ever.
Sweet, how does it sound?
This is great. I absolutely love these keyboards. :D

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