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I've been seeing DIY mercury glass projects everywhere, but wanted to create something a bit different with the technique. I came up with these Halloween votives using simple jars or old candle holders.

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Step 1: Collect your materials

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Materials Needed:
Jars (any shape will do. Check out Specialtybottle.com)
Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint,
Black Paint/Paint brush
Spray Bottle with 1/2 vinegar/water solution
Printed Halloween Images to act as a template...the simpler the better.

Step 2: First Coat of Spray Paint

Picture of First Coat of Spray Paint
Clean and dry it thoroughly. Lightly spray one coat of Looking Glass Spray Paint on the OUTSIDE of the jar, let dry just a few seconds. You could spray the inside but it's difficult to do and you won't be able to place a real candle or water inside...

Step 3: Vinegare/Water Solution

Picture of Vinegare/Water Solution
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Then lightly spray your water/vinegar mixture on top. Let sit for a minute or so then gently wipe off the water droplets to remove some of the Spray Paint. Repeat entire process a few times.

Step 4: Start Decorating

Picture of Start Decorating
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Once the jar is dry, I cut out my skull image and wanted to lightly glue it to the jar...WRONG! It took the paint with it...duh. SO, I smeared a bit of vaseline on the back of the paper and pressed it onto the jar. Held in place perfectly.

Feel free to freehand a design as well which is what I did for the spider web...

Step 5: Start Painting

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Now, start painting around your image. I brushed one coat of black paint, let it dry and then added another coat. When the second coat was still wet, I sprinkled glitter on top. Once dry I peeled away my image.

Step 6: Light Up the Night

Picture of Light Up the Night
The votives look pretty even when they're not lit. But to enjoy a frightful night, place a candle inside and light away.

OOOOO ahhhh nice! and Nice Ible too! I shall have to try this one =D

I wanted something a little bit different...and I think this will take the cake!

Thanks for the ideas!

Gashly =D

Facci Designs (author)  GASHLYCRUMBTINY10 months ago
oh thank you so much! have fun with the project.

I really love this instructable. Thanks so much!
Facci Designs (author)  suziehotbox1 year ago
thank YOU so much. Did you make one??