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I've been seeing DIY mercury glass projects everywhere, but wanted to create something a bit different with the technique. I came up with these Halloween votives using simple jars or old candle holders.

Step 1: Collect your materials

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Materials Needed:
Jars (any shape will do. Check out Specialtybottle.com)
Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint,
Black Paint/Paint brush
Spray Bottle with 1/2 vinegar/water solution
Printed Halloween Images to act as a template...the simpler the better.

OOOOO ahhhh nice! and Nice Ible too! I shall have to try this one =D

I wanted something a little bit different...and I think this will take the cake!

Thanks for the ideas!

Gashly =D

Facci Designs (author)  GASHLYCRUMBTINY11 months ago
oh thank you so much! have fun with the project.

suziehotbox2 years ago
I really love this instructable. Thanks so much!
Facci Designs (author)  suziehotbox2 years ago
thank YOU so much. Did you make one??