Merge your webpage (Google Page Creator) with Picasa On line Album

Hello, here my first Instructable, enjoy it!

continuing with this instructable Setting up a Website with Google's Page Creator
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Step 1: Login at

firstly login at:

Step 2: Create a new album (not shared)

create a new album, choose a name, date, not shared...

Step 3: Upload the pics

clic browse, choose the images and upload it...

Step 4: Completed uploading, start the slideshow and copy the URL

it will observe something similar to this... Clic on start slideshow y copy the URL from your browser when start to show your images...

the format of the URL will be something like this:

Step 5: Finaly insert the URL into your HTML

in your HTML code insert th following:

<div align="center"><iframe src="htttp://" height="450" width="620"></iframe></div>

obviously, the values of the HEIGHT & WIDTH may vary... and you'll see something like this:

you can see it HERE