Picture of 'Merican Leather Belt (w/ Shotgun Shell Conchos)

Yes, you read correctly, this is the best 'Merican belt you can ever make. The best feature of the belt is its custom made shotgun shell conchos. This is a great project to show just how 'Merican you are and use up some of your empty shells.

Overview: In this instructable you will learn how to:
1) Make shotgun shell conchos

2) Freestyle tool a leather belt

4) Finish the belt



Leather belt blank

Shotgun Shells

Cut-off wheel (big-boy compressed air version of dremel) OR Hacksaw (the one for metal, not wood)

Buckle Hole punch

Spray bottle

Hard tooling surface (preferably chunk of scrap granite counter-top, get it from a counter-top place for free from their dumpster)

Sturdy work bench (I made mine out of 2x4's)

Leather stamps: Z-C431, V707, C428, S630 (OR substitute and make your own design)

Tandy Leather small double cap rivets 1371-12

High density sponge

Leather antique (stain)

Leather finish

Edge Kote

Optional: Punch for belt end (makes nice arch on end of belt, don't buy unless you are going to make a lot of belts, you can use a utility knife)

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Step 1: Preparing the Shotgun Shell Conchos

Picture of Preparing the Shotgun Shell Conchos

For this you have 2 options for accomplishing this task. If you have access to a pneumatic cut-off wheel, use it. If you don't, then you get to use muscle and a hacksaw.

1) Put the empty shell in a vice gripping the plastic part of the shell.

2) Use the die grinder or cut-off wheel to cut off the end of the shell. Use the lip as your line. The lip is the part at the end of the shell that is a larger diameter so that the ejector in a shotgun can pull the shell out of the chamber. Warning! Cutting shells may involve the smell of burning plastic or wood in the shell.

3) Punch out the primer. The circular thing in the middle of the back of the shell.

4) You now have some of the coolest conchos in the world.

Ceddy176 months ago
Great belt, great idea! Well done!

I'm not 'Merican but I love this idea! Great 'ible.

jbrizzle6 months ago
mikeasaurus6 months ago

Looking sharp!

craftclarity6 months ago

Wow. Really beautiful work there. Have you made hatbands like this as well?