Merida's Bow


Introduction: Merida's Bow

This was my project made for the November 2014 Cardiff Film and Comic Con. I used the traditional bow making techniques, with the only difference being a longer bow string to make it "Con-Safe"

Step 1: Forming the Bow Shape

To form the bow I used two pieces of 4X2 and glued them together, once dried I sketched out the template of the bow on them and cut it with a jigsaw to create a jig. I then cut 5 slats 2mm thick, and stuck them together using wood glue. Once this was done I placed them on the jig and used 3 slash clamps to compress and secure the 2 sides of the jig, bending the 5 slats to the final shape of the bow

Step 2: Adding Detail

The details added to the bow include a leather wrap at the tips of the bow, and in the middle for a handle. Engraving either side of the handle done with a wood burner, and a spiral engraved piece attached to the top of the bow.

Step 3: The Finished Product

The bow took around a week to complete, with the majority of the time spent shaping and sanding the bow by hand. The bow's overall length is 128cm and is a close replica to the bow in the films.



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Was this the actual bow used in the movie brave???

Cool what draw weight is it? Can you pull it back far? Thanks for the post up!

1 reply

I don't know what the draw weight would be, I built this for cosplay purposes not for practical use, their is quite a lot of slack on the string itself so the draw weight wouldn't much. the string can be pulled quite far though.

That looks awesome! The engraving is beautiful