Step 9: Re-Assemble and Use Loctite Blue 242 on the Main Bolt

Re-assemble using the steps in the reverse order. 

Proper Treadle-Crank Setting
**This step is critical for proper treadling as the two treadle attachments must be slightly off dead opposite.

Screw the crank arm extension back on to the wheel axle until snug but not restrictive of wheel rotation. With slight turning align the crank to 175 degrees or 185 degrees of the crank (footman post) on opposite side. In other words, if the right side footman post is down at 6 o’clock the left side crank end should be at 11:30 or 12:30, not directly opposite.

If the crank is not in the correct position, unscrew, tap axle back, rotate axle 90 or 180 degrees and tap back in. Remember that the axle is a carriage bolt and has a square base under the head - the bolt can be put in in four positions.

But I did one extra thing and applied Blue Loctite 242 onto the main bolt before I tightened the main nut to keep it from loosening from the vibration of using the wheel and transporting it all over town.  

Dave, you make a wonderful wheel and we appreciate everything you have done for our community:)  
**Edited to insert instructions directly from Dave himself. 

<p>Thank you for your time and effort in making this tutorial. </p>
<p>I just got mine-didn't take the whole thing apart, but I did do some decorating :)</p>
<p>I'd like to see it in action, nice instructable. thank you</p>
What a wonderful modern design concept on a machine that has not varied much for hundreds of years. I always wonder why company's don't take the time to at least lacquer their products, but then I guess that would put the price up and it is a tool after all. <br> <br>I hope you do an Instructable on spinning yarn on this machine, kkep up the good work.
Thanks for your comment, Dr Qui, I will keep that in mind. This wheel is made by a man in Vermont - I put a link up to his site. He still makes everything himself and is very hands-on when it comes to customer service. <br> <br>These wheels have their own following on Ravelry.com. With such a large canvas, a lot of the fiber artists like to do their own creative painting or wood-burning. It really is a cool wheel and is very versatile and compact. <br> <br>
Great instructions! <br /> <br />I have never seen one of these before - what an awesome machine!

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