Little mermaid under the sea

Step 1: Little Mermaid Under the Sea, Made With Polymer Clay

Materials used in this project:

- Polymer clay (Fimo)

- Aluminium foil

- Aluminium wire (1 mm)

- Toothpick

<p>Very nice!<br>Well done.<br>I love polymer clay, its really versatile and fun to work with, if it only was a bit cheaper :-/<br>I made this completely random blue monster for my wife,<br>Any resemblance to Stich is purely coincidental.</p>
<p>Thank you <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Mermaid-2/#C6L12B7I6GCV988" rel="nofollow">Ironwave</a>!! </p><p>I love your blue monster!!! I'm sure that your wife love it too! He's so adorable and the execution is perfect! :D</p><p>Yes, polymer clay is a bit expensive, but sometimes I can find stores with nice prices! :D</p>
<p>Forgot to add, I added a spring in the neck, so its a Bobble-head :-D</p>
<p>The time i saw this featured ible it reminded of me of another ible the blue journal cover doll, and i was pretty sure it must have been your creation, and yes it was. I really love what you do, i always feel watching your video &quot;hope i could be as skillful&quot;. Loved to see the video and entire process in minute details. Thank you.</p>
<p>Awww!!! Thank you so much <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/samalert/" rel="nofollow">samalert</a>!!</p><p>Thank you for your amazing words!! :D</p>
<p> I have done some polymer clay sculptures but nothing like this. Great job!</p>
<p>Thank you so much <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/starforest/" rel="nofollow">starforest</a> for your nice comment!! :D </p>
<p>You make it seem so easy but as we all know, it's not!</p><p>I would love more then anything to be able to work with polymer clay, but my strong hand is affected by Parkinson's now. </p><p>I love your techniques and how you don't over think anything, you just go with the flow. </p><p>Your work is incredible! Love it all! </p>
<p>Hi <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/PaganRaven/" rel="nofollow">PaganRaven</a>!! :D</p><p>Thank you so much for your lovely words!</p><p>Maybe you can try projects that don't involve so much effort. There are so many techiques!...</p><p>Big Hug!! :D &lt;3</p>
<p>Cuanta creatividad ! Felicitaciones y gracias por compartir.</p>
<p>Muchas gracias <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/Mr.Sanchez/" rel="nofollow">Mr.Sanchez</a>!! Saludos! :D</p>
truelly an artist and love the details : )
<p>Thank you so much <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/deco2004/" rel="nofollow">deco2004</a> for your nice comment!! :D</p>
<p>Oh there is so much detail. It is very beautiful!</p>
<p>Thank you <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/bagnitsch/" rel="nofollow">bagnitsch</a>!! :D &lt;3</p>
<p>Oh my, this is really impressive. I love all the little details, but especially the technique you used for her hair! So clever.</p>
<p>Hi <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/seamster/" rel="nofollow">seamster</a>!! :D</p><p>Thank you so much for your comment and nice words!! :D</p>

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