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Introduction: Mermaid

Little mermaid under the sea

Step 1: Little Mermaid Under the Sea, Made With Polymer Clay

Materials used in this project:

- Polymer clay (Fimo)

- Aluminium foil

- Aluminium wire (1 mm)

- Toothpick

Step 2: Little Coral Reef

Starting with a polymer clay base and aluminium foil as structure

Next, adding texture to create the stone effect

The toothpick is used to hold the mermaid and prevent her from falling.

To finish the base I added some elements to recreate the coral reef

Step 3:

Making the mermaid's body

The aluminium wire, with a curved shape, is the stucture of her body and tail. It will hold her in position and will be flexible enough to make some adjustments later.

Step 4:

For the hair, I covered the head with a thin layer of clay to hide the skin color and added a few hair strands

I've placed a wire structure over the figurine to hold the rest of the hair strands. This way is possible to create some movement effect.
After that is time to bake it in the oven, during 30 minutes at 110°C/230°F The wire that suspends the hair also goes into the oven with the figurine.



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The time i saw this featured ible it reminded of me of another ible the blue journal cover doll, and i was pretty sure it must have been your creation, and yes it was. I really love what you do, i always feel watching your video "hope i could be as skillful". Loved to see the video and entire process in minute details. Thank you.

1 reply

Awww!!! Thank you so much samalert!!

Thank you for your amazing words!! :D

I have done some polymer clay sculptures but nothing like this. Great job!

1 reply

You make it seem so easy but as we all know, it's not!

I would love more then anything to be able to work with polymer clay, but my strong hand is affected by Parkinson's now.

I love your techniques and how you don't over think anything, you just go with the flow.

Your work is incredible! Love it all!

1 reply

Hi PaganRaven!! :D

Thank you so much for your lovely words!

Maybe you can try projects that don't involve so much effort. There are so many techiques!...

Big Hug!! :D <3

Cuanta creatividad ! Felicitaciones y gracias por compartir.

1 reply

Oh there is so much detail. It is very beautiful!

1 reply

Oh my, this is really impressive. I love all the little details, but especially the technique you used for her hair! So clever.

1 reply

Hi seamster!! :D

Thank you so much for your comment and nice words!! :D