Introduction: Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

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Mermaid makeup tutorial (halloween)

Step 1: Face

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-I cover my eyebrows just a little bit with concealer

Step 2: Lips

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-Shiny lipgloss

Step 3: Eyes

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-I do lines with liquid eyeliner.

-I apply white eye pencil to my waterline

-I do lines to my under lid

-I "color" the corner of my eye with white pencil

Step 4: Mascara

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Step 5: White Face Paint

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I use it to my forehead and eyelids to make good base to scales

Step 6: Cheeks

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I do shadows with brown and green eye shadow

I apply blush

I also apply golden glowing eye shadow to my cheekbones and corner of my eye

Step 7: Scales

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I use wig hair net to make these scales.

I just paint these white areas with blue face paint (I use sponge)

I apply little bit golden glowing eye shadow to my face to make it look like "glowing/shiny/slimy/weirdo fish skin" ? :-D

Step 8: Extras

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I use light blue eye shadow to my cheekbones and dark blue eye shadow to my upper lid.

Step 9: Finishing

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I put little sequins to the corner of my eye

I put false lashes on

I also put pearl tapes and little clams/shells to my forehead (temple) I use latex glue

Step 10: Wig

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Step 11: Complete Look

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IndiannaJ (author)2015-10-29

Wonderful tutorial, and if I may say, without sounding like an Internet creep, you look seriously lovely! Awesome costume, as well. :)

LKarvonen (author)IndiannaJ2015-10-30

Thank you so much! It's really nice to hear that :-)

momoluv (author)2015-10-25

Wow. This is really cool. I love the technique to get the scale look, is this your own idea or did you find this some where?

LKarvonen (author)momoluv2015-10-25

Thank you so much! A part of the scale look is my own idea (using white and blue color technic ) but using the net is very usual way to make the scales (and the easiest one) :-)

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-10-25

Great makeup tutorial.

Thank you so much! :-)

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