Mermaid Tank Top





Introduction: Mermaid Tank Top

I love the thought of being a mermaid, and this tank top is a simple way to bring a bit of the ocean into an outfit, or perfect for an easy Halloween costume. Pair it with a flowy skirt for a simple, last-minute mermaid look!

Step 1: Print and Trace Templates

Print out shell templates from the internet (try googling "shell outline" or something similar, and print one you like). It's easiest if you print out two of the same, rather than printing out one and trying to move it around. Put your top on and decide where you want the shells to be placed, then pull your shirt over a pillow, placing the templates under the shirt, and trace over them in tailor's pen.

Step 2: Protect Your Pillow

Take your templates out, and put plastic underneath (I used plastic filing sleeves).

Step 3: Paint Your Shells

Use purple fabric paint (in a tube) to paint along your lines. Iron the back of your painted area to set the paint, or follow the instructions on the packaging.



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    Selam tatli

    Great idea! I've seen shirts like this for sale, but making your own is even better!

    Sooo cute, perfect for a quick costume, or just every day wear if you're someone like me. Thanks for sharing!


    Glad you like it! :)

    Such a simple idea, very effective.


    Thanks! :)