Introduction: Mermaid Cat Costume

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things youll need

old sweater

sewing machine



Step 1:

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take your sweater/ shirt cut the arms off

then measure 10 -12 inches wide, and make a mark at the top,

now, cut diagonal to the bottom evenly

follow pics if you are like me :)

Step 2:

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now, take your seeing machine, once you have cut 2 cone like pieces, sew together on edges

Step 3:

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now, turn inside out so it looks like a flat elf hat, then cut a slit on either side to make it fit for "special needs" cats ( meaning my fat cat)

Step 4:

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now, cut the tail part, there are many tails, but I am going witht the ariel one,

make 2 fan tail shapes, then sew 2 together, turn inside out and stuff, now sew the flippers to the tail. you are done!


Omg, this is so cute. My cat would never put up with this, haha.

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