Picture of Mesh Bag Scouring Pads
Turn plastic mesh produce bags into scouring pads for your dishes. Extend the life of your sponges by using these scourers for the tough stuff. This project requires a mesh bag and nylon thread or fishing line with a needle to sew up the edge.
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Step 1: Get some mesh bags

Picture of Get some mesh bags
These bags are sometimes used to package supermarket vegetables. They are essentially mesh tubes, closed with string on the label end and some kind of tape on the bottom. Instead of ripping a hole in the mesh to get the produce out (as was done in this picture), open up the ends of the tube instead. The tape sticks to itself but not the bag, really, so I managed to tease it off the end with a little effort. The string on the label end pulls right out if you do it right. Or just cut it, if you prefer, but try not to damage the bag.

Step 2: Fold up the bag

Picture of Fold up the bag
Flatten out the mesh. Putting both hands inside the tube and pulling it open seems to help. Fold the mesh into something about the size of a scouring pad. I folded mine into thirds and then into quarters with the loose ends on the outside. Depending on the size of your bag, you may want to fold it differently, or fold two bags together for a thicker scouring pad.

In the folded photo, the edges on the right are the ones that will be sewn together. After you sew them, you'll turn the whole thing inside out to hide the seam, so the loose ends (on the left) are on the outside for now so that they will be on the inside when you finish.

(The photos are in reverse order so that this step's end result is the main image.)
omnibot6 years ago
Aw, this was the first instructable I followed.
Znowblind8 years ago
I just wrap the stuff around my sponges and sew it up.
omnibot8 years ago
Beutiful! I'm always looking for ways to extend the use of anything I buy to get maximum value. Thanx.