I'm not a big fan of the T-shirt neckline. But cutting a V or scoop neck wasn't that interesting- so, inspired by my recent Mesh Tie T-Shirt, I decided to create a mesh decolletage that keeps the original structure of the t-shirt intact but also opens up the neckline.
I also added a couple of cutouts to the sleeves.

Sleeve cutout:

& then add in a couple more diamonds to make a small, four-square mesh on each sleeve:

Leftover t-shirt fabric scraps? Make rosettes!

I'm experimenting with this new layout style: photo-only instructions for simple projects such as this one. Do you like it? Any suggestions? Thanks!
<p>This is totally awesome! Just the thing to wear at MakeFaire in 100+ degree heat.</p>
<p>yes yes yes</p>
does it hold up structurally after (machine) washing?
It does! Mine is still completely intact.
If you don't mind me asking...how is it that your photo instructable is shown down...i would love to do my instuctables like that so you don't have to keep clicking the photos . i really like this layout. <br />BTW... the way you have poped out with all the t-shirt projects is fantastic! it seems you and scoochmaroo are competing with each other :-D
Haha yeah, this t-shirt thing is fun! There'll be a few more... <br /> <br />I was going to try to write out how to embed photos, but then I realized it might be difficult to explain here, so I made you this Instructable! Enjoy: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Embed-Photos-in-an-Instructable/
Thanks a lot!

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