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Over lunch a while back,some friends and I were discussing unusual t-shirt modifications. This design was among the top contenders: a mesh shirt with a tie cut-out. It turns out to be pretty easy- just time consuming to cut the mesh bits out of the shirt! I had originally intended it to look douchey, but now I think it looks kind of cool... maybe it's just the time investment talking. You'll have to decide for yourself.
  1. Trace a tie onto the shirt.
  2. Draw straight, evenly spaced lines diagonally across the front of the shirt (skipping the tie). Repeat for opposite diagonal.
  3. Cut everything out!


aj123ps4 (author)2014-09-05


BarginsTech (author)2012-06-28

what Schoomaroo said!!!! I was amazingly puzzled and excited to see this!! :] I love you kept the sleeves on too!!

ShadyLogic (author)2012-06-26

That looks awesome!

scoochmaroo (author)2012-06-26

This is ridiculously fantastic. Want.

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-06-25

That is an awesome idea!

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