Quilled Mesmerising Blues





Introduction: Quilled Mesmerising Blues

Quilling as you all know has become a very popular craft .Tired of the monotony of the same quilling folds being used, I decided to do some thing different. Here, I have created an abstract artwork by using only spiral fold.

Step 1: Supplies

To do this art work you will need following supplies:-

- Quilling needle

- Mount board or any paper above 300gsm

- white glue

- Scissors

- Quilling strips in 8 different shades of blue

Step 2: Drawing

Taking a mount board or any thick paper above 300 gsm,create the abstract drawing shown on it or it can be any abstract drawing you wish .

Step 3: Creating the Spiral

Here is the video on how to create the spirals with quilling strips and needle . I have used 3mm quilling strips for this .

Step 4: Outlining

We'll start with creating spirals in black colour. Make these spirals using 30 strips . Once these spirals are ready, start sticking them on the lines drawn.

Step 5:

Once your outlines are finished, your mount board should appear like this.

Step 6: Fill in the Gaps

Once the outline is done, start filling in. Take each small area in consideration at a time and start laying the spirals next to each other. Stick to the direction in which you start laying the spirals in the first time and snip the spirals at the edges.

Step 7: Final Product

And your final spiral quilling art piece is ready.



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Step number 3 for the video creating the spirals "Failed - no file"; FF3UVDAIQLI9JYI.mp4

Osm work. ..outstanding work. ...all th best

Would you be able to maybe include an upload picture of a finished spiral so as to make sure the spacing is exact. su

I am amazed by this process and you patience in creating a stunning work of art.

Your colours attracted me and I enjoyed the clear instructions on the video,

Thank you !

Such an abstract design, and looks as though it's sewn with yarn. Thanks for showing us this different quilling technique!

Amazing work! Very beautiful!
Thank you for sharing!

Great results! Just one suggestion: you might want to put the word "quilling" in the title for search purposes & because the photo is so unique! Thank you for sharing your art & all the work you put into it.

Thanks parisusa for liking the effort . Would love to implement your suggestion . But I am not able to understand how do we make changes in the already posted instructables . if you have any idea please guide me .

WOW! This is Gorgeous