Picture of Mess Free Easter Eggs
Easy, quick, and mess free way to decorate your Easter eggs this year with temporary tattoos. 

Whether you are creating an easter centerpiece or decorating eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide, temporary tattoos are a fun new way to do so. Temporary tattoos offer endless decorating possibilities for your eggs and they are fun for kids too without the messy cleanup after. You can easily get creative with them too, maybe this year's Easter Egg Hunt theme is pirates or robots?
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You'll need the following:
  • Eggs*
  • Glass of Water
  • Temporary Tattoos**
  • Paper Towel
*NOTE: Your eggs for this Instructable can be fresh, hard boiled, or empty with the yolk drained. 

**NOTE: You can use temporary tattoos you already have, or if you are looking for a certain aesthetic you can purchase some temporary tattoo paper and print your own. If you are printing your own, follow the instructions that come with your temporary tattoo paper and remember to flip your images!

Step 2: Sizing Your Tattoo

Picture of Sizing Your Tattoo
Make sure your tattoos are appropriately sized for your eggs by simply placing them next to or on top of the egg. Trim your tattoos as close to the image as you can. 

Smaller tattoos will stick to the contour and shape of the egg better and produce better results. Larger tattoos will have a tendency to wrinkle along the surface of the egg. 

Step 3: Peeling

Picture of Peeling
Once you are satisfied with the size and shape of your temporary tattoo, carefully peel the protective plastic away from your tattoo design. 

Your tattoo design is now exposed, be careful with it. They can be fairly sticky and will easily stick (lightly) to things like dog or cat hair which can then end up on your egg.  

Step 4: Placing

Picture of Placing
Make sure your egg shell is completely dry before placing your tattoo. Place your temporary tattoo face down on your egg shell where you would like it to appear in the end. 

Great idea!

I don´t do easter eggs any more, but I´ll do it to try this! :D

patsheldon1 year ago

lovely! I want to try this!

Better then those plastic sleeves that shrink on to the egg that you buy from the store. :) Great idea.

nollie5511 year ago

cool !!

Great idea!