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Is it a pen, or a super secret way to pass messages to... umm... err... someone?

Perhaps it will be useful with a chummy coworker, or if you work from home like me; your super sexy office-mate-wife!

Yeah it's not encrypted, but who writes hand written notes anymore?  That more than anything else provides security that no amount of electronic hacking can crack.

Step 1: Pick your weapon of mass secrecy!

Picture of Pick your weapon of mass secrecy!

Pick your favorite disposable ballpoint pen.  I chose opaque. Translucent didn't seem right for a spy message pen, too revealing.

The only important thing is that you can separate the ballpoint head / ink assembly from the body of the pen. This will be your secret message compartment. Although if you couldn't get it open you could use some sort of top secret telepathy technology to transfer your message into the essence of the pen itself!

Plo Koon3 years ago
Actually, i wudnt think it advisable to put the ink on your skin. if u do, it will look like you got into a street fight with a pro kick boxer.
AT3 years ago
It is like a message in a bottle! I use to put my name inside my pens on the ink cartridge to try and catch pen thieves.
Wow that is so cool plus, IT WORKS!!!
Ha! What a coincidence, I had that idea a few days ago!
Have you noticed that people sometimes come up with ideas at the same time? :-)
pastprimitive (author)  the cat expert3 years ago
Actually, I have! I design products for a living. And, I can't tell you the number of times where I think of something that I think would make an amazing product! Then after researching I find out it was indeed so awesome that somebody has made it and is selling it to make lots of money.
Me too!
Real Funny Dude... The Reading of the Instructions is more enjoyable than the Doing of it...
Will try it out with my wife too sometime soon. I just hope it doesn't come back with a list of Grocery Items in the Sense of Ultimate Secrecy.
aeronut013 years ago
This is so epic! I HAVE to try this one. The way you wrote the instructable was really cool as well. Thank you for posting this, + 5* rating!
thing 23 years ago
I like your set up and how this 'ible is put together.
pastprimitive (author)  thing 23 years ago
Thanks. More than anything I did this to practice my instructable writing skills. Sometimes it's good to do something simple and focus on the presentation. On the more complex instructables I've done I find it harder to spend as much time on the style of the write-up because I am so focused on trying to make it reproducible and get all the technical information out.
I did this once. I think I have an 'ible for it... but the pictures and stuff were bad... lol

Yes I see what you are saying, more simple it is the easy it is to understand. Also you mind doesn't get crowded or overloaded with unnecessary info.
pastprimitive (author)  thing 23 years ago
Pontay3 years ago
The clear "crystal" pens make good non-secret message holders, too.
Roll it outside-out to make sure the message can be seen. I put "This Pen Was Stolen From My Desk, Please Return It." it gets a laugh and relieves some of the shame of being a pen thief.
Ooh, yes: name and shame the guilty parties, eh? Very good idea which I will try at work :) I will have the "stolen" text part inside and set the rolled up note showing outside just saying "Read me". Extra surprise, evil grin.
pastprimitive (author)  Pontay3 years ago
That is a good idea. I should do that with some. My 4 year old son and wife are always making pen raids from my office desk. I'll buy a box of 20 and a few weeks later will be wondering where they all went.

Of course it will probably just encourage them more because they'll think it's funny. I guess I will be picking up a box of clear pens to leave a "This pen was stolen from Dad's desk. Please return it." so they can have extra fun laughing as they steal them from my desk.
I found Post-it notes work vary well,no need to use tape. Grandkids are going to love this. Thank you.
pastprimitive (author)  Gramps Lighthill3 years ago
That's a great idea!
ursosaollo3 years ago
Jeje, I used to do something very similar for the final exams in elementary school, I would make the exam first, then write everything I could about the exam in very tiny letters and pass it to my not so smart frends. I'ts quite curious how they turned out to be grat businessmen!
Nice simple instructable that really just makes me nostalgic.
pastprimitive (author)  ursosaollo3 years ago
I am glad to help be of some help.
coryalex3 years ago
I remember doing this in high school 20 years ago... I just figured it was a widespread thing kids did. :)
pastprimitive (author)  coryalex3 years ago
Yeah, probably is. I never did it back in my high-school days. But it was sure fun to do as a big kid.
stevenspat3 years ago
Such a cute idea, and beautifully low tech! Love it!
pastprimitive (author)  stevenspat3 years ago
pastprimitive (author)  blinkyblinky3 years ago
Rich993 years ago
glad you posted this, and that you have a lot of 'kid' in you.
susanrm3 years ago
Very funny and cute!
pastprimitive (author)  susanrm3 years ago
I would like to see a photo to demonstrate the Emergency Self-Destruct Instructions. :D
pastprimitive (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
I don't know if the world is ready for that kind of awesome power to be unleashed. Although perhaps a dry run wouldn't hurt. For some reason I am guessing that's not what you had in mind. Hmmm.... maybe I should be concerned you're a double agent.