Courtesy of Juliet Wayne

instant camera and film
empty jar with lid
Mod Podge ( for decoupage)
small sponge brushes with wooden handles old magazines colored paper
scissors glitter

Step 1: 1

Write a message to a future version of yourself. Tell yourself
something important that you want to remember. Remind yourself of what
is on your mind today. (Try to avoid asking yourself questions- the
time difference makes it difficult for you to answer yourself). If you
want to just draw a picture, that's okay,too.
Nice drawings, I wanted to make a time capsule so I think I'll do this too its easy and it would be fun. Plus putting a message to remember is good because things make people forget whats really important...
im only 13 and I don't think ill make it another 50 years
pappy says the meslins will get us before i grow up and run the farm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Satisfy my curiosity: what are "meslins", what does "get us" mean? Also how old are you (w/respect to the number of years until you grow up and run the farm)?
I'm crazy about your drawings! really awesome!
Very nice pictures. I like your last sentence.

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