So, I have this messenger bag (Mark2) that I need to use as a scout bag on a camping trip that I'm going on soon. Since messenger bags have a tendency to get in the way when you don't want them to, I need to turn this thing into a rucksack but I don't want to loose the messenger bag quality....so...enter the Dr. Franken-bag (heretofore to be referred to as Mark4 (Mark3 was a complete bust and didn't make an Instructable about it, which is why you're asking yourself, "Wait '4', where's 3? What did he do for Mark 3?").

Step 1: Build a New Strap

I got myself some rope (about 6 feet the thicker the more comfortable; this stuff is half-inch (about 13 mm for you forward thinking folks who decided base 10 make adding easy)). I measured it by wrapping it around my back and holding it out in front of my in both hands so it made a bit of a horseshoe shape around me.

I then ran one end through the D-ring on one side of the bag and tied a double overhand knot to secure it as a sliding knot. This will allow me to shorten or lengthen the strap as needed. Sort of like, it's technical, but it uses Transformers-like technology to accomplish that part. Luckily, the patent ran out on that like 500 years ago, now all ropes can utilize sliding knots license free. WOOT PUBLIC DOMAN!!!

Lather, rinse, repeat for the other side.

<p>This is very handy and pretty cool! Nice! *Grayskull, or Greystoke if you are channelling your inner Tarzan. :)</p>
<p>ANOUNCEMENT: MikeinBallard is our winner of the Easter Egg 80's trivia contest for correctly noticing the inaccurate use of Graystoke instead of Grayskull. For your prize I have included a new method of rigging the pack. And some advice, don't write these things at 1AM HAHAHA!!! </p>
<p>Wow, I've never seen that karate-kid move before to sling the bag over your head. I guess it would not be good with your bag full of heavy tools and it doesn't reach escape velocity or get enough angular momentum and klonk you in the head. Maybe sew a set of tubelike strap covers or grab some foam pipe insulation to pad the rope from cutting into you. Thanks for sharing.</p>
<p>yes...you do have to be committed to the flip 80D</p>
<p>I have the exact same messenger bag. Odd and cool</p>
<p>Clever and funny! </p>

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