Picture of Messtival: Very Messy Games
For many years I have been involved in running activities at events and camps for Scouts and Guides, ranging up to mass games for over 600 kids at once. In many cases these have included silly, wet or messy games which always proved very popular with the participants. However, in most cases we had to rein back our ideas somewhat due to consideration of budget, weather (some events were in cold times of the year), washing facilities or capacity, leaving me with a host of ideas not fully implemented.

After discussion with some friends, we decided to run our own messy games day, which we christened 'Messtival'. This means we could take part in the games, and they could be as over the top as we liked. The event has now been running for a few years and has been growing in popularity each time.

I do not make any claim that any of these games are completely original, and thank those people whose ideas I have adapted over the years.

This Instructable will take you through how to run a similar event- there are many ways to change it to suit your needs, but I hope it gets you started. It would be great to hear your ideas in the comments.

I won't reproduce the mess recipes here; please see my other Instructables where I have fully described them.
Gunge Recipe
Slime Recipe

You will find examples of other clean games and obstacle courses at my website These may eventually form a new Instructable. Also on the site you will find loads more info on making mess.

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Zahra Kadwa1 month ago
ecsaul238 months ago

Sweet work! I love it! I wanna come hang out with you! I love messy games and just games in general

superpants (author)  ecsaul238 months ago

Feel free to drop in when you are passing ;o)

poofrabbit1 year ago
Just wanted to say congratulations on being a finalists in the Great Outdoors Contest! This was a fantastic instructable and I am hoping to get something like this implemented into the camp I work for! Good luck!
superpants (author)  poofrabbit1 year ago
Thanks a lot- hope you do get to run one for your camp
That looks epic to try at some point in my life.
A good activity to include in here, paint balloon war.
replace it with mud
nice job
Mmjmama1 year ago
I LOVE this!!! I have MS and am in a wheelchair. It is MUCH harder to have real fun now. I am very fortunate to have wonderful family and friends that are dedicated to helping me have more fun. I am starting a new charity to enable those with disabilities to have more fun. I would really appreciate if you would take a look at our website and maybe join us.
Ponteaus1 year ago
This looks awesome, but I've got one big question. What's the long-term (like a week and month later) impact of these games on the party site? Does rain wash away the goos and slimes and whatever quickly? Basically, are these activities to be run in public places like parks and little league outfields?
superpants (author)  Ponteaus1 year ago
Good question- Unfortunately there isn’t a simple answer!

I would avoid running the event directly on a sports pitch- The grounds keeper is unlikely to be very happy about it, but general recreation grounds etc. should be less of a problem. I have however never had any complaints from the campsites & showgrounds events have been held on, although the staff have usually been pre-warned.

Of the wide variety of these types of games I have run, there is always some sign you have been on the field, but it can vary from lasting from a few days to a month or so. What you can do to mitigate the effects are the following;

Use the minimum of colouring possible in your slime
Use groundsheets/ drop cloths or similar directly under the area you are playing games to keep the worst of the goo off the grass
Dispose of gunge elsewhere
Wash down the area with plenty of water immediately afterwards
Hope it rains hard afterwards!

The worst marking I have had has been when I have disposed of the gunge directly onto the grass, and the weather was dry for weeks afterwards.
gloflyer1 year ago
Can I come play at your place?
superpants (author)  gloflyer1 year ago
Just pop round when you're passing ;o)
superpants (author) 1 year ago
Thanks for the positive comments guys- Always pleased to have feedback!
Ingulit1 year ago
Love, love, LOVE this! This looks like so much fun!! Fantastically written, great photos, everything is spectaular :D
This looks super fun!
poofrabbit1 year ago
This is AWESOME! I work for a children's summer camp and love all things camp, I could see us making our own Messtival! Thanks for sharing, voted!