<p>awesome prank! i cant find any flaws except that there would be a mess probably on you too, and the victim might not open it or get suspicious...</p>
I'm gonna do this at some of my hated restaurants! ;-)
Which Are???
I wouldn't do this at a restaurant, but we don't have glass bottles at home :C s there's nowhere for me to do this. XD
Oh, I get it!&nbsp; The acid in the tomatoes act like vinegar, and the baking soda is the base.&nbsp; It is almost exactly like a baking soda and vinegar explosion, but more slowly. <br />
ketchup has vinigar in it anyway
This could seriously hurt someone if done in a glass bottle. The pressure could cause the glass to explode and send shrapnel flying. You trying to prank someone or blind someone?
It actually doesn't, I've tried it. That glass shards are just too heavy for this force to move them
<em>5 stars <strong>not </strong></em><strong>even</strong> <strong>6</strong>
great idea... i'll do that at resturant<br />
OMG freaking brilliant!
oh it really works I'll try it again<br />
That is just clasic. May try it soon. 5/5 stars
oh this is classic
I <strong>like</strong> that!<br/>
mc d's!!!! oh wait they use packets....
Can this be done with plastic flip-cap bottles?
may explode in plastic bottle.
lol, that was a last-minute science project volcano i did for school, i never thought of doing it as a prank :P Good 1

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